Month: April 2016

Favourite Thing About a Wedding

Happy Friday, everyone! I took a random sample of 65 participants and asked them from a selection of nine possible answers to choose their favourite part about a Wedding. The possible answers included the following: When the couple first see one another When the Bride walks down the aisle Their first kiss as a married couple The Vows The Speeches The Music The Food Mother/Son or Father/daughter dance Other From the possible answers 65 people responded and the winner with 32% of the vote is The Food! What do you think? What’s your favourite part about a Wedding? For those of you planning Weddings would knowing this kind of information change the way you plan your wedding? I’d love to hear from you! As always, thank you for reading and supporting, The Eco Bride Project

Wedding Speech Trends

When I think about Weddings and trends I think about the ever changing gown styles, the move from the cupcake phenomenon to the “naked cake,” and the emergence of the popular moissanite stone. I think of the tangible pieces as the trendy parts but I’ve realized that Wedding Speeches are not immune to the ever changing cultural trends that sweep over us. As a whole, trends pull us in, we are in awe, we are entertained, and then we are bored, and then what? Well, we’re just sort of “over it.” Trends are difficult because we consume them in such a high dosage that we make ourselves almost literally sick to our stomachs and then we have a sort of visceral reaction to these trends afterwards. We’re just so done with seeing/hearing/engaging with the trend that the demise is rarely gradual and thoughtful but rather it’s a drastic and almost overnight decision that it’s not the in thing anymore and now it’s uncool to like it (and for heavens sake do not even mention it… unless …