Month: May 2016

DIY Furniture Project–Saving Resources and Memories

I have an old 70s bedroom furniture set from my dear Grandmother. I love having furniture that I remember seeing in her room for years and years but, like many things, the style grew tired. My husband and I are moving into our first home together soon and I took the opportunity to refinish the nightstands and make them “new” to us! For this project I lightly sanded the dresser with my Black & Decker sander/polish from Home Hardware. Next I used Beauti-Tone’s Designer Series paint in flat black (shown in the photo) also from Home Hardware. I applied two full coats with plenty of dry time in between. The fabric is some leftover fabric from previous projects and I cut to match the sizing of the old covers that I removed. The cut pieces were then stretched over the wood panel, stapled onto the back, and then adhered back to the original drawer. The final touch (and my personal favourite) are these beautiful black and silver cabinet pulls! (again, from Home Hardware). This simple …

Guest Blogger Wanted

We’re looking for a few guest bloggers to add to our blog in the next coming weeks! If you’re a Wedding Blogger or are interested in Weddings, Sustainable Living, or think you’ve got something related then please e-mail Britney at with the header “Guest Blogger.” Entries will be subject to approval.  Looking forward to hearing from you! Eco Bride Project

What to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Things to consider before planning your outdoor Wedding. I can’t count the amount of time I’ve heard a couple say “we can’t afford much so we’re going to have an outdoor wedding.” While having a small BBQ in your backyard with a handful of friends and family will certainly save you money, if you’re still planning on a large guest count in a local park or on a farm, the task gets significantly more costly—potentially more so than renting an indoor venue! Consider the Basics Ceremony If it’s hot make sure there is some shade for your guests! Don’t line the lawn with cute hay bails and then watch poor Grandma and Uncle Joe pass out from heatstroke during your vows! If it’s hot provide fans (you can make your programs work double time as a fan too) Provide cool drinks if it’s hot and warm drinks if it’s cold. Cosnider encouraging guests to wear stylish hats Provide shawls if it could be cold HAVE A BACKUP. If it’s pouring rain, even if you’re ready …