Month: January 2017

Saying “Yes” to the Dress[es]

Picking wedding attire can be Eco-friendly! Take a look at this stunning shot of this beautiful bride on her wedding day. For her bridesmaids she let them pick any black dress of their choice. This was an excellent option as it allowed the girls to pick an affordable and wearable dress! One of the girls picked a dress from her own closet while the other scored her’s from The Bay on sale for under $100! As for the bride, she opted for this beautiful gown from Urban Bride Delivered which is a consignment wedding gown store in Edmonton, Alberta! Everyone looked amazing (especially the gorgeous bride) and all the while money and resources were saved! Eco Bride Project

New Year’s New Beginning

Happy New Year! I have to admit that I’m a total sucker for New Year’s! I love the idea of wrapping up everything (good and bad) from the previous year, letting it go, and moving forward. “And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.” –Rainer Maria Rilke Looking back at 2016 there were some AMAZING things! My husband and I bought out first home, sent a sister off to University, watched three more siblings graduate, helped my brother and his Fiancé move into their first home, found out my husband’s diagnosis was incorrect and actually non-existent and so so much more! There are, of course, the not so awesome things but these come with the good. Now, 2017! My biggest goal is to minimize. Minimize things (we’ve been in this house since May so HOW is it already full of crap!?), minimize stress, minimize workloads, minimize worries etc. I’ve realized that until I make some extra room in my life that I can’t possibly take on anything else. So …