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Bridal Mastery of Kijiji

I’ve been shopping off kijiji for about 7 years now and have had scored some amazing deals and got a few lack luster items too. There has been enough gain that I still browse the site regularly when I’m in need of and item and also use it to sell my own items.

Kijiji was an invaluable tool for me while planning my wedding–I bought a lot off of it!

-7 beautiful fake flower bouquets (originally made from a lady on Etsy)

photo 1 (3)dsadadsa

Beautiful silk wedding bouquets

-My Jade Daniels veil


Jade Daniels wedding veil

-Never worn before wedding shoes

-20 glass vases

-Custom designed table numbers

Bought new these items would have been just under $1000 but because of kijiji I paid $370 and then was able to re-sell everything back through Kijiji!
Here are a few tips and Tricks for shopping on Kijiji


First and foremost, you need to consider some safety measures when shopping off kijiji.

-If you’re meeting the seller, make sure to bring a friend! Don’t go alone.

-Meet during the day

-Meet in a public place

-If it makes you feel uncomfortable–don’t do it!

-If it seems too good to be true—it probably is!

-Only use and accept cash

-Carry a small amount of cash on you when meeting the person

-Listen to your gut instinct


-ask questions! Where did they get the item from? Is it in good quality? How long did they use it for?

-Do your research! Google the item and check it out for yourself! How much does it sell for regularly? Is it actually a good deal?

-Are they set in the price? Sometimes you can bargain for a slightly cheaper price (especially if you’re buying more than one item from them) but be reasonable. Do your research and decide if the item is a good deal and go from there

-Do they have more pictures? Often times sellers will post one picture of an item and it’s hard to get a good idea of what the item actually looks like. Ask for more pictures!

-Make sure you actually need it! Are you buying it JUST because it’s a good price? If so, maybe rethink that purchase.


I know several people who would NEVER think to buy used and while it’s not everyone’s idea of a good purchase here are a few reasons I love buying gently used items:

Less carbon footprint. No new production costs for the item! Plus, it’s not being thrown in a landfill

No sales tax

I save money

Unique items. I have lucked out with some incredible antiques through kijiji

Meet some pretty cool people! I met some awesome people while buying wedding items off kijiji and got some great tips from them about planning my wedding, too!

Shopping local. By buying from local community members you’re keeping money within your community.


Keyword search. If you’re looking for a specific item then by all means type it into the search bar but remember to do some extra searching too. While you might call an item by one name, a seller might refer to it by a completely different name.

Be patient. It’s time consuming to go through the categories but you can find some excellent items tucked away! If you’ve got some time, make a pot of coffee, and start clicking!

Try general searches. Search general words like “Wedding,” “Wedding decoration,” “Purple décor,” etc. You’ll have to scroll more but could find what you’re looking for!

Kijiji shoppers! What else am I missing from these lists??

Happy shopping!

Eco Bride Project

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