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Wedding Planning Survival Kit

I was a DIY bride. I wanted the best price available, I wanted my wedding to be unique, and I didn’t care if it meant that I’d have to do a ton of extra work to get it.

There was a lot of stress, a lot of late nights, and a lot of “What have I done?!” moments but with my toolkit I got everything done!

To reach my wedding goals this meant that I needed to do a lot of research, and be able to find what i wanted quickly and cheap!

My top 5 Wedding Planning Resources are a mixture of tools for wedding items, wedding ideas, wedding etiquette, and help for keeping you sane!


    The hive is amazing, buzzing with loads of information, tips, tricks, and horror stories shocking enough to (quick literally) make your jaw drop.

    Whether you make an account and join the conversation or lurk in the shadows and absorb as much information as you can handle, there will be something every Bride or Groom needs to know.

    Men regularly chime into the conversation as well so this isn’t for women only!

  2. Emily Post Ettiquette


    Emily Post’s Etiqette book. Useful information for Wedding Planning and negotiating your guests!

    This book is a tome and looks daunting but I LOVE it.

    While I certainly did not follow every wedding etiquette suggestion out there I definitely did my homework to read through the basics because i think etiquette is still very relevant and important.

    Interested in Wedding Etiquette Pet Peeves? Check out my blog post HERE


    photo 1 (3)dsadasd

    My wedding flowers that I bought off Kijiji

    I used Kijiji for SO much of my wedding décor. I was a DIY bride who did all my own décor so I bought most of my items off Kijiji from other local brides for excellent prices (and then resold everything afterwards).

    Also, check out local wedding buy and sell groups on Facebook. There are two amazing ones in my area that are all wedding items, vendors, and questions!

    Check out my blog post on tips and tricks for shopping off Kijiji HERE

  4. Talking to friends and family.

    Wedding help with chairs

    CC Eco-Bride Project

    Depending on your friend circle you may have a few friends who have been through this wedding thing already.

    I depended on my Matron of Honour for tips, tricks, and de-stresser advice. Plus, she was amazing for helping with my DIY projects–who else was going to sit on a cold basement floor making wedding programs with me for 4 hours?

    My family was amazing with helping research anything and everything that i needed and that was a timesaver and a sanity saver! They also helped to make a lot of the things we needed!

    Reach out to people in your circle and you’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to help out.

See my blog post on how planning our wedding helped to strengthen our relationships HERE

  1. Wedding Planning Checklist


    My DIY Wedding Planning binder.

    Whether you buy one, find one for free, or have a set plan with a Wedding Planner this resource is invaluable!

    Especially for the DIYers out there! When you’re feeling overwhelmed and like you can’t make heads from tails a checklist will show you exactly what you should be doing.

    Better yet, the checklist also shows you all the things you’ve already completed which can also help to keep you calm if you’ve been on top of your schedule.

    How about you? What was in your wedding planning toolkit?

    Thanks for reading and supporting,

    Eco Bride Project

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