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Top 5 Places to Visit in Canada

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a lot of cool places within Canada and while I have a lot of places to go still (looking at you Maritimes!!) I wanted to reflect on my top 5 favourite places to visit in Canada.

My favourite 5 places to visit in Canada (so far).

  1. Banff, Alberta

Banff is stunning. The incredible mountain views, the nearby lakes, and the tiny unique shops all work together to create this unique little place with a really cool vibe. I’m very lucky to be an Albertan, these views are about a 5 hour drive for me and are totally worth it every time!

2. Sechelt, B.C.

This was my husband and I’s honeymoon spot. We found an amazing bed and breakfast right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and spent a lot of our time enjoying a beer (or 3) sitting on the dock. We also rented a car and would take a scenic drive into the town where we enjoyed amazing food and beautiful scenery. There are incredible hiking trails and beautiful views. I love Sechelt.

3. Victoria, B.C.

There is a lot of B.C. locations on this list and that’s because B.C. is incredible. There is the mountains, the ocean, and really great people. I’m lucky that my best friend is currently living in Victoria and I’m hoping to head over this summer to see him and his beautiful city.

Victoria is gorgeous–filled with unique building, beautiful history, and a Rogers’ Chocolates! We were lucky to be in Victoria on Canada Day a few years back (you can see a ton of people in front of Parliament. That castle looking building in my photos below is the Victoria Music Conservatory (this building was previously a church). The harbor was lined with local artists and we bought a bunch of drawing from a really nice couple… I could have spent a lot of money that day!

4. Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver was my first travel spot. My family never travelled but in 2009 my best friend and I decided to take a trip together and we picked Vancouver. Even though it was only an hour place ride, the trip made a huge impression on me. I fell in love as soon as we landed and stepped off the plane.

Vancouver has a very different vibe from Edmonton and while I love Edmonton I enjoy the free spirit feelings of Vancouver. There are artists everywhere and you can always hear music whether it’s coming from someone’s phone, guitar, or someone belting out a song while sitting alone–I love it. I really believe that the mountains and the ocean recharge the soul and I try to make it a habit of visiting Vancouver once every year. My beautiful sister in law is currently studying music at UBC and now I have even more reason to get over there!

My favourite Vancouver spots are Stanley Park (incredible views, beautiful trees, and a great walk), and Granville Island because of the delicious food, Granville Island beer, and the unique shops.

5. Montreal, Quebec

We were fortunate to visit Montreal for our first wedding anniversary. We were living in Ontario at the time and the train ticket was incredibly affordable so we took the opportunity and are so glad we did!

The history and the architecture in Montreal is incredible. Edmonton has a tendency to forget about historical buildings and we’ve lost a lot of great ones over the years. Montreal, on the other hand, has laws enforced to protect their buildings to maintain the identity.

We did a three hour walking tour and I think that was the best option as there is so much to see and we only had a few days. My favourite spots are Notre-Dame Basilica, Schwartz smoked meat sandwich, the poutine (from anywhere!), and Ste-Paul street!


Honourable mentions!

  1. Kingston, Ontario

We lived here for just over a year and loved it! This is the home of the Tragically Hip, our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, Queen’s University, and tons of other incredible Canadian history!

The month of August is such a interesting time to visit this city. It’s this odd limbo period where the former University students have all left and the next round have yet to arrive–the city is strangely quiet. We only experienced one August here (when we first arrived) as we rushed back to Edmonton the following July for a friends wedding but it was still a cool experience.

2. Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec city is filled with incredible history, cobblestone streets, delicious poutine, croissants, and music. Unfortunately we only had the opportunity to spend one afternoon here but it was a lot of fun and a beautiful experience.

What about you? Where have you travelled and loved visiting??? Gregory and I have travlled a lot of North America but we’re itching to travel more of the world! I’d love to hear where you’ve been and places you’ve loved!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting,

The Eco Bride Project

Have a great day!





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