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A Budget Bride’s Dream Honeymoon

My husband and I opted for a budget honeymoon. We had looked at Mexico but we got married in June and didn’t want to wait until the fall or even the spring for our honeymoon. We looked at Europe too but we were getting close to a move across Canada and I didn’t have a job waiting for me in Kingston, Ontario so we needed to be careful with finances. Then I got an idea… what about a bed and breakfast somewhere along the coast? At first the options were limited because some of the resorts were crazy expensive and we were getting discouraged. Luckily, good ol’ TripAdvisor popped up and begged me to click a link offering “The Top 10 Bed and Breakfasts in Sechelt, BC.” We had never been to Sechelt so it was immediately enticing. Once I clicked the link I was instantly excited because one bed and breakfast stood out. This place was beautiful and was run by a husband and wife duo (also originally from Edmonton!).

This spot was instantly lovely and we were so pleased with the goodhearted nature of our hosts. Shortly after our arrival one of our hosts came to inform us that our tire was low but that he had already refilled it with air. He gave us directions to the local repair shop where we quickly had the tire repaired. This may seem small but it was little gestures like this for the entire stay that made this already spectacular location feel even more welcoming.

We had booked the bottom floor of their home that had an incredible view of the coast, a bar, pool table, massage room, and luxury bathroom. Each morning our lovely hosts made us breakfast and we ate on the deck watching the serene water and basking in the beautiful morning sun. This place was paradise. We had rented a car in Vancouver and this allowed us to take a short drive into town each day to check out shops and restaurants. Along the way there were countless beaches and hiking trails and we happily indulged in all Sechelt had to offer.

This wasn’t an all inclusive Mexican resort, it wasn’t backpacking in Europe, and it didn’t take seemingly endless travel time but it was perfection. We were immersed in natures glorious beauty, surrounded by kind people, and experienced daily indulgences in adventure.

After our honeymoon had ended and we returned home to pack for our move we reflected on what we had experienced. Though I’m sure there were countless destinations that we would have loved for our honeymoon there something about the combination of Sechelts beauty, the kindness of our hosts, and the adventure of traveling to somewhere new that created a sort of whimsical “storybook effect” for us both. Three years later and we both still feel a whimsical nostalgia for this adventure.

It all started because we needed to save money and so we made something seemingly simple into our ideal honeymoon and I feel very lucky that we had this opportunity. I am, of course, even happier that we managed to stay within our budget too!

How about you? Was your honeymoon a “budget-moon?” Where did you go?

Would love to hear from you!

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