Author: Britney

A Budget Bride’s Dream Honeymoon

My husband and I opted for a budget honeymoon. We had looked at Mexico but we got married in June and didn’t want to wait until the fall or even the spring for our honeymoon. We looked at Europe too but we were getting close to a move across Canada and I didn’t have a job waiting for me in Kingston, Ontario so we needed to be careful with finances. Then I got an idea… what about a bed and breakfast somewhere along the coast? At first the options were limited because some of the resorts were crazy expensive and we were getting discouraged. Luckily, good ol’ TripAdvisor popped up and begged me to click a link offering β€œThe Top 10 Bed and Breakfasts in Sechelt, BC.” We had never been to Sechelt so it was immediately enticing. Once I clicked the link I was instantly excited because one bed and breakfast stood out. This place was beautiful and was run by a husband and wife duo (also originally from Edmonton!). This spot was instantly …

Vintage Wedding Finds

Today I was doing some vintage hunting and found a lot of amazing items but my absolute FAVOURITE is this Demetrios wedding gown! The embroidery on this dress is stunning. The colour combination of the vintage ivory fabric with the classic pastel embroidery is eye catchingΒ  but does not detract from the elegance of the gown. I LOVE this dress! What do you all think?? Love it or leave it? -Britney

Saying “Yes” to the Dress[es]

Picking wedding attire can be Eco-friendly! Take a look at this stunning shot of this beautiful bride on her wedding day. For her bridesmaids she let them pick any black dress of their choice. This was an excellent option as it allowed the girls to pick an affordable and wearable dress! One of the girls picked a dress from her own closet while the other scored her’s from The Bay on sale for under $100! As for the bride, she opted for this beautiful gown from Urban Bride Delivered which is a consignment wedding gown store in Edmonton, Alberta! Everyone looked amazing (especially the gorgeous bride) and all the while money and resources were saved! Eco Bride Project