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What’s in a Speech?

IMG_2667Wedding speeches are stressful. The writing process can be long and frustrating, and finally, on the wedding day, you stand in front of a crowd of people (many of whom you may not even know) and you’re expected to deliver something that is funny, heartwarming, and unique. Sure, for some people this process is easy, but for the rest of us, it can feel like the 10th circle of hell. 

So what makes a good speech? Here’s my advice: keep it simple and remember basic etiquette.

First of all, a wedding speech should be short and succinct. We’ve all been at the wedding where someone rambles on for over 10 minutes about odd stories and inside jokes that no one understands—it’s not a good time. Instead, try to keep your speech under 4 minutes (2-3 minutes is ideal).

Begin your speech by introducing yourself and thanking your friend for having you be a part of their celebration. Also consider thanking the bridal party for their help planning events (if they did so) and it is traditional etiquette to thank the parents.

Next, share one memory (or two maximum) about you and the bride/groom and don’t just reference an inside joke! If you’re stuck for a memory, consider qualities you might admire about the bride/groom and think of a time they best showed this quality.

You’ll also want to share something about the bride and groom’s relationship (i.e. a sweet story, how they met, how you knew they were in love, their shared interests, etc.)

Finally, don’t forget to congratulate the bride and groom, and finish your speech by raising your glass to toast the couple, inviting the rest of the guests to do so with you. 

Remember: wedding speeches are not a time to roast the couple! Funny speeches are completely acceptable and can be a lot of fun but the jokes should feel natural and should not be used to insult the couple. Jokes in the speech should keep it fun, playful, and positive. 

Why should you avoid inside jokes? While a small reference to an inside joke can add a special connection for you and your friend, a speech littered with them can leave the audience confused and uninterested.

If you’re still feeling like this task is unbearable then consider hiring a professional to help you write your speech! Check out my custom speeches by clicking here.


A Budget Bride’s Dream Honeymoon

My husband and I opted for a budget honeymoon. We had looked at Mexico but we got married in June and didn’t want to wait until the fall or even the spring for our honeymoon. We looked at Europe too but we were getting close to a move across Canada and I didn’t have a job waiting for me in Kingston, Ontario so we needed to be careful with finances. Then I got an idea… what about a bed and breakfast somewhere along the coast? At first the options were limited because some of the resorts were crazy expensive and we were getting discouraged. Luckily, good ol’ TripAdvisor popped up and begged me to click a link offering “The Top 10 Bed and Breakfasts in Sechelt, BC.” We had never been to Sechelt so it was immediately enticing. Once I clicked the link I was instantly excited because one bed and breakfast stood out. This place was beautiful and was run by a husband and wife duo (also originally from Edmonton!).

This spot was instantly lovely and we were so pleased with the goodhearted nature of our hosts. Shortly after our arrival one of our hosts came to inform us that our tire was low but that he had already refilled it with air. He gave us directions to the local repair shop where we quickly had the tire repaired. This may seem small but it was little gestures like this for the entire stay that made this already spectacular location feel even more welcoming.

We had booked the bottom floor of their home that had an incredible view of the coast, a bar, pool table, massage room, and luxury bathroom. Each morning our lovely hosts made us breakfast and we ate on the deck watching the serene water and basking in the beautiful morning sun. This place was paradise. We had rented a car in Vancouver and this allowed us to take a short drive into town each day to check out shops and restaurants. Along the way there were countless beaches and hiking trails and we happily indulged in all Sechelt had to offer.

This wasn’t an all inclusive Mexican resort, it wasn’t backpacking in Europe, and it didn’t take seemingly endless travel time but it was perfection. We were immersed in natures glorious beauty, surrounded by kind people, and experienced daily indulgences in adventure.

After our honeymoon had ended and we returned home to pack for our move we reflected on what we had experienced. Though I’m sure there were countless destinations that we would have loved for our honeymoon there something about the combination of Sechelts beauty, the kindness of our hosts, and the adventure of traveling to somewhere new that created a sort of whimsical “storybook effect” for us both. Three years later and we both still feel a whimsical nostalgia for this adventure.

It all started because we needed to save money and so we made something seemingly simple into our ideal honeymoon and I feel very lucky that we had this opportunity. I am, of course, even happier that we managed to stay within our budget too!

How about you? Was your honeymoon a “budget-moon?” Where did you go?

Would love to hear from you!

Vintage Wedding Finds

Today I was doing some vintage hunting and found a lot of amazing items but my absolute FAVOURITE is this Demetrios wedding gown!
The embroidery on this dress is stunning. The colour combination of the vintage ivory fabric with the classic pastel embroidery is eye catching  but does not detract from the elegance of the gown.
I LOVE this dress!

What do you all think?? Love it or leave it?



Top 5 Places to Visit in Canada

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a lot of cool places within Canada and while I have a lot of places to go still (looking at you Maritimes!!) I wanted to reflect on my top 5 favourite places to visit in Canada.

My favourite 5 places to visit in Canada (so far).

  1. Banff, Alberta

Banff is stunning. The incredible mountain views, the nearby lakes, and the tiny unique shops all work together to create this unique little place with a really cool vibe. I’m very lucky to be an Albertan, these views are about a 5 hour drive for me and are totally worth it every time!

2. Sechelt, B.C.

This was my husband and I’s honeymoon spot. We found an amazing bed and breakfast right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and spent a lot of our time enjoying a beer (or 3) sitting on the dock. We also rented a car and would take a scenic drive into the town where we enjoyed amazing food and beautiful scenery. There are incredible hiking trails and beautiful views. I love Sechelt.

3. Victoria, B.C.

There is a lot of B.C. locations on this list and that’s because B.C. is incredible. There is the mountains, the ocean, and really great people. I’m lucky that my best friend is currently living in Victoria and I’m hoping to head over this summer to see him and his beautiful city.

Victoria is gorgeous–filled with unique building, beautiful history, and a Rogers’ Chocolates! We were lucky to be in Victoria on Canada Day a few years back (you can see a ton of people in front of Parliament. That castle looking building in my photos below is the Victoria Music Conservatory (this building was previously a church). The harbor was lined with local artists and we bought a bunch of drawing from a really nice couple… I could have spent a lot of money that day!

4. Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver was my first travel spot. My family never travelled but in 2009 my best friend and I decided to take a trip together and we picked Vancouver. Even though it was only an hour place ride, the trip made a huge impression on me. I fell in love as soon as we landed and stepped off the plane.

Vancouver has a very different vibe from Edmonton and while I love Edmonton I enjoy the free spirit feelings of Vancouver. There are artists everywhere and you can always hear music whether it’s coming from someone’s phone, guitar, or someone belting out a song while sitting alone–I love it. I really believe that the mountains and the ocean recharge the soul and I try to make it a habit of visiting Vancouver once every year. My beautiful sister in law is currently studying music at UBC and now I have even more reason to get over there!

My favourite Vancouver spots are Stanley Park (incredible views, beautiful trees, and a great walk), and Granville Island because of the delicious food, Granville Island beer, and the unique shops.

5. Montreal, Quebec

We were fortunate to visit Montreal for our first wedding anniversary. We were living in Ontario at the time and the train ticket was incredibly affordable so we took the opportunity and are so glad we did!

The history and the architecture in Montreal is incredible. Edmonton has a tendency to forget about historical buildings and we’ve lost a lot of great ones over the years. Montreal, on the other hand, has laws enforced to protect their buildings to maintain the identity.

We did a three hour walking tour and I think that was the best option as there is so much to see and we only had a few days. My favourite spots are Notre-Dame Basilica, Schwartz smoked meat sandwich, the poutine (from anywhere!), and Ste-Paul street!


Honourable mentions!

  1. Kingston, Ontario

We lived here for just over a year and loved it! This is the home of the Tragically Hip, our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, Queen’s University, and tons of other incredible Canadian history!

The month of August is such a interesting time to visit this city. It’s this odd limbo period where the former University students have all left and the next round have yet to arrive–the city is strangely quiet. We only experienced one August here (when we first arrived) as we rushed back to Edmonton the following July for a friends wedding but it was still a cool experience.

2. Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec city is filled with incredible history, cobblestone streets, delicious poutine, croissants, and music. Unfortunately we only had the opportunity to spend one afternoon here but it was a lot of fun and a beautiful experience.

What about you? Where have you travelled and loved visiting??? Gregory and I have travlled a lot of North America but we’re itching to travel more of the world! I’d love to hear where you’ve been and places you’ve loved!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting,

The Eco Bride Project

Have a great day!





Bidding Farewell to Wedding Traditions — POLL

Wedding traditions—Some wedding traditions have been around for AGES and while some people love the idea of engaging in these traditional events others find them outdated, unnecessary, a waste of resources, and even sexist. Whether you’re for or against certain wedding traditions it basically comes down to personal choices and choosing the options that best represent you as a couple.

I polled 128 people and gave then 9 options to choose from. People could choose more than one option and were asked “Which Wedding Traditions Did you Skip?”

The options were:

  • Garter Toss — 18.2%
  • Bouquet Toss — 16%
  • Bridal Party (didn’t have one, no maid of honour/best man, mixed genders etc.) — 4.1%
  • First dance –2.8%
  • Married somewhere other than a church — 14.5%
  • No flower girl/ring bearer — 12.3%
  • Guests weren’t split onto “bride” & “groom” sides — 15%
  • No cake feeding/smashing — 11.7%
  • Other — 5.4%

From the given choices participants chose “garter toss” as the MOST skipped wedding tradition with one participant saying “why would I want to toss something sweaty from my leg at my guests?”


128 Brides were polled and asked which wedding traditions they skipped or are planning on skipping.

What about you? What Wedding Tradition did you skip? Are you planning on skipping any? Why or why not? I’d love to hear from you!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting,

Eco Bride Project

Wedding Planning Survival Kit

I was a DIY bride. I wanted the best price available, I wanted my wedding to be unique, and I didn’t care if it meant that I’d have to do a ton of extra work to get it.

There was a lot of stress, a lot of late nights, and a lot of “What have I done?!” moments but with my toolkit I got everything done!

To reach my wedding goals this meant that I needed to do a lot of research, and be able to find what i wanted quickly and cheap!

My top 5 Wedding Planning Resources are a mixture of tools for wedding items, wedding ideas, wedding etiquette, and help for keeping you sane!


    The hive is amazing, buzzing with loads of information, tips, tricks, and horror stories shocking enough to (quick literally) make your jaw drop.

    Whether you make an account and join the conversation or lurk in the shadows and absorb as much information as you can handle, there will be something every Bride or Groom needs to know.

    Men regularly chime into the conversation as well so this isn’t for women only!

  2. Emily Post Ettiquette


    Emily Post’s Etiqette book. Useful information for Wedding Planning and negotiating your guests!

    This book is a tome and looks daunting but I LOVE it.

    While I certainly did not follow every wedding etiquette suggestion out there I definitely did my homework to read through the basics because i think etiquette is still very relevant and important.

    Interested in Wedding Etiquette Pet Peeves? Check out my blog post HERE


    photo 1 (3)dsadasd

    My wedding flowers that I bought off Kijiji

    I used Kijiji for SO much of my wedding décor. I was a DIY bride who did all my own décor so I bought most of my items off Kijiji from other local brides for excellent prices (and then resold everything afterwards).

    Also, check out local wedding buy and sell groups on Facebook. There are two amazing ones in my area that are all wedding items, vendors, and questions!

    Check out my blog post on tips and tricks for shopping off Kijiji HERE

  4. Talking to friends and family.

    Wedding help with chairs

    CC Eco-Bride Project

    Depending on your friend circle you may have a few friends who have been through this wedding thing already.

    I depended on my Matron of Honour for tips, tricks, and de-stresser advice. Plus, she was amazing for helping with my DIY projects–who else was going to sit on a cold basement floor making wedding programs with me for 4 hours?

    My family was amazing with helping research anything and everything that i needed and that was a timesaver and a sanity saver! They also helped to make a lot of the things we needed!

    Reach out to people in your circle and you’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to help out.

See my blog post on how planning our wedding helped to strengthen our relationships HERE

  1. Wedding Planning Checklist


    My DIY Wedding Planning binder.

    Whether you buy one, find one for free, or have a set plan with a Wedding Planner this resource is invaluable!

    Especially for the DIYers out there! When you’re feeling overwhelmed and like you can’t make heads from tails a checklist will show you exactly what you should be doing.

    Better yet, the checklist also shows you all the things you’ve already completed which can also help to keep you calm if you’ve been on top of your schedule.

    How about you? What was in your wedding planning toolkit?

    Thanks for reading and supporting,

    Eco Bride Project

Bridal Mastery of Kijiji

I’ve been shopping off kijiji for about 7 years now and have had scored some amazing deals and got a few lack luster items too. There has been enough gain that I still browse the site regularly when I’m in need of and item and also use it to sell my own items.

Kijiji was an invaluable tool for me while planning my wedding–I bought a lot off of it!

-7 beautiful fake flower bouquets (originally made from a lady on Etsy)

photo 1 (3)dsadadsa

Beautiful silk wedding bouquets

-My Jade Daniels veil


Jade Daniels wedding veil

-Never worn before wedding shoes

-20 glass vases

-Custom designed table numbers

Bought new these items would have been just under $1000 but because of kijiji I paid $370 and then was able to re-sell everything back through Kijiji!
Here are a few tips and Tricks for shopping on Kijiji


First and foremost, you need to consider some safety measures when shopping off kijiji.

-If you’re meeting the seller, make sure to bring a friend! Don’t go alone.

-Meet during the day

-Meet in a public place

-If it makes you feel uncomfortable–don’t do it!

-If it seems too good to be true—it probably is!

-Only use and accept cash

-Carry a small amount of cash on you when meeting the person

-Listen to your gut instinct


-ask questions! Where did they get the item from? Is it in good quality? How long did they use it for?

-Do your research! Google the item and check it out for yourself! How much does it sell for regularly? Is it actually a good deal?

-Are they set in the price? Sometimes you can bargain for a slightly cheaper price (especially if you’re buying more than one item from them) but be reasonable. Do your research and decide if the item is a good deal and go from there

-Do they have more pictures? Often times sellers will post one picture of an item and it’s hard to get a good idea of what the item actually looks like. Ask for more pictures!

-Make sure you actually need it! Are you buying it JUST because it’s a good price? If so, maybe rethink that purchase.


I know several people who would NEVER think to buy used and while it’s not everyone’s idea of a good purchase here are a few reasons I love buying gently used items:

Less carbon footprint. No new production costs for the item! Plus, it’s not being thrown in a landfill

No sales tax

I save money

Unique items. I have lucked out with some incredible antiques through kijiji

Meet some pretty cool people! I met some awesome people while buying wedding items off kijiji and got some great tips from them about planning my wedding, too!

Shopping local. By buying from local community members you’re keeping money within your community.


Keyword search. If you’re looking for a specific item then by all means type it into the search bar but remember to do some extra searching too. While you might call an item by one name, a seller might refer to it by a completely different name.

Be patient. It’s time consuming to go through the categories but you can find some excellent items tucked away! If you’ve got some time, make a pot of coffee, and start clicking!

Try general searches. Search general words like “Wedding,” “Wedding decoration,” “Purple décor,” etc. You’ll have to scroll more but could find what you’re looking for!

Kijiji shoppers! What else am I missing from these lists??

Happy shopping!

Eco Bride Project

Saying “Yes” to the Dress[es]

Picking wedding attire can be Eco-friendly!

Take a look at this stunning shot of this beautiful bride on her wedding day.

For her bridesmaids she let them pick any black dress of their choice. This was an excellent option as it allowed the girls to pick an affordable and wearable dress!

One of the girls picked a dress from her own closet while the other scored her’s from The Bay on sale for under $100! As for the bride, she opted for this beautiful gown from Urban Bride Delivered which is a consignment wedding gown store in Edmonton, Alberta!

Everyone looked amazing (especially the gorgeous bride) and all the while money and resources were saved!

Eco Bride Project

Popping the Question like a Professional


Custom Wedding Proposal Speeches

Eco Bride Project is expanding!

in 2016 I focused primarily on custom wedding speeches and was thrilled with how many of you I had the opportunity to work with! I definitely enjoyed merging my love of writing with my knowledge of wedding planning to help my clients create the perfect speech.

In 2017 I’m focused on expanding E.B.P to offer more wedding planning services as well as more custom writing options.

New in the shop TODAY is the custom wedding proposal speech! This is for those of you who are looking for a little help crafting exactly what you want to say to your loved one. What you get is a custom 250-350-word speech. This is also great because it’s a memento that you can print off and give to your loved one after the proposal as a special reminder of all the reasons your relationship is so special.

This is all done over e-mail and takes about two weeks (depending on correspondence times) so it’s quick and easily fits into your schedule!

Hiring a professional to write speeches may seem like it’s impersonal but when you work with Eco Bride Project you’re getting a personalized speech that’s made just for you. Your speech includes your own unique stories and comments but saves you the time and stress of putting it all together eloquently and in a grammatically sound manner.

Our world moves faster everyday and though we do feel genuine and special bonds with our loved ones we can sometimes feel like we have too little time to properly express exactly how important they are to us—this is what I do for you!

No hassle, and no stress! When you choose to work with me I send you a questionnaire that you fill out at your own pace and you choose to include as much or as little information as you like. Once you send the questionnaire back to me the “hard part” is over! You just sit back and let me craft your perfect speech.


Feel free to contact me!




Looking forward to working with you!