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Shampoo Bar and Organic Soap Review

A few weeks back I was shopping around for some new bath products. Specifically, I wanted to try a shampoo bar. So I started scouring the internet for information and products. As usual, I ended up on Etsy and after a little while of clicking and reading I stumbled across the shop called Glorious Life (I did an interview with the owner Andrea a little over a week ago that you can find here). It can be tricky trying new products and it’s disappointing when they don’t work out. When you invest your money in a product you’re investing your resources into something that you want to add value to your life and when that doesn’t happen it’s discouraging. Shop Setup There are a lot of products to choose from but I found the shop easy to navigate and quickly found what I was looking for.  The product ingredients are clearly listed as well as tips for use and care which I really liked how this information is readily available. The first product in my basket …

Hello Eco-Conscious Wedding Enthusiasts,

My name is Britney and it is my intention to use this page as a platform for sharing ideas and inspirations to encourage environmentally savvy weddings. In Canada the average wedding costs $31, 685 and much of this money is spent on items and services that are later discarded. If the notion of going green seems intimidating then let me assure you that even small and thoughtful changes can make a large difference and these eco-conscious choices will help to make the special celebration less excessive. The general principle that this page follows is the simple rule of the three R’s — Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. There are many ways to integrate this principle and it’s much easier to do than you may think. Thank you for stopping by The Eco-Bride Project