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Mountain Vibes

This past weekend my husband and I took a trip to the mountains with my brother and his wonderful fiancée. Banff is such a beautiful and inspiring place to be. There is something about that mountain air that rejuvenates the soul.  We took a trip to Lake Minnewanka for the day and lucked out with beautiful weather (forecast had predicted 3 degrees Celsius and snow!). We used this opportunity to not only indulge in delicious food (I’m looking at you waffles from Tooloulous!).  But we also took some great family photos and got some beautiful shots of the newly engaged couple!  Stay tuned as I’ll be uploading some more great shots from our weekend in the mountains! Have a wonderful day! Eco Bride Project

Behind the Veil: History of the Wedding Veil Tradition

A few weeks back I teased a blog about wedding veils and I only just got around to this post! Sorry for the delay, I pinched my sciatic nerve and so sitting, standing, walking, sleeping (and everything in between) has been excruciating. I am, however, finally starting to feel better and so you can expect more consistent posts and updates from me! I wore a veil on my wedding day and I didn’t really consider the significance or the reasoning behind the veil, to be honest. I think that veils are beautiful and it seemed like one of the few times that it would be socially acceptable for me to wear a veil in public without it being Halloween so I jumped on it. I understand that many brides see no point to the wedding veil while others see rich cultural and traditional significance to the piece and it got me questioning where this tradition originated. The wedding veil has changed forms, colours, and significance throughout the years and yet is still something we commonly …

What to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Things to consider before planning your outdoor Wedding. I can’t count the amount of time I’ve heard a couple say “we can’t afford much so we’re going to have an outdoor wedding.” While having a small BBQ in your backyard with a handful of friends and family will certainly save you money, if you’re still planning on a large guest count in a local park or on a farm, the task gets significantly more costly—potentially more so than renting an indoor venue! Consider the Basics Ceremony If it’s hot make sure there is some shade for your guests! Don’t line the lawn with cute hay bails and then watch poor Grandma and Uncle Joe pass out from heatstroke during your vows! If it’s hot provide fans (you can make your programs work double time as a fan too) Provide cool drinks if it’s hot and warm drinks if it’s cold. Cosnider encouraging guests to wear stylish hats Provide shawls if it could be cold HAVE A BACKUP. If it’s pouring rain, even if you’re ready …