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A Budget Bride’s Dream Honeymoon

My husband and I opted for a budget honeymoon. We had looked at Mexico but we got married in June and didn’t want to wait until the fall or even the spring for our honeymoon. We looked at Europe too but we were getting close to a move across Canada and I didn’t have a job waiting for me in Kingston, Ontario so we needed to be careful with finances. Then I got an idea… what about a bed and breakfast somewhere along the coast? At first the options were limited because some of the resorts were crazy expensive and we were getting discouraged. Luckily, good ol’ TripAdvisor popped up and begged me to click a link offering “The Top 10 Bed and Breakfasts in Sechelt, BC.” We had never been to Sechelt so it was immediately enticing. Once I clicked the link I was instantly excited because one bed and breakfast stood out. This place was beautiful and was run by a husband and wife duo (also originally from Edmonton!). This spot was instantly …

Saying “Yes” to the Dress[es]

Picking wedding attire can be Eco-friendly! Take a look at this stunning shot of this beautiful bride on her wedding day. For her bridesmaids she let them pick any black dress of their choice. This was an excellent option as it allowed the girls to pick an affordable and wearable dress! One of the girls picked a dress from her own closet while the other scored her’s from The Bay on sale for under $100! As for the bride, she opted for this beautiful gown from Urban Bride Delivered which is a consignment wedding gown store in Edmonton, Alberta! Everyone looked amazing (especially the gorgeous bride) and all the while money and resources were saved! Eco Bride Project

Mountain Vibes

This past weekend my husband and I took a trip to the mountains with my brother and his wonderful fiancée. Banff is such a beautiful and inspiring place to be. There is something about that mountain air that rejuvenates the soul.  We took a trip to Lake Minnewanka for the day and lucked out with beautiful weather (forecast had predicted 3 degrees Celsius and snow!). We used this opportunity to not only indulge in delicious food (I’m looking at you waffles from Tooloulous!).  But we also took some great family photos and got some beautiful shots of the newly engaged couple!  Stay tuned as I’ll be uploading some more great shots from our weekend in the mountains! Have a wonderful day! Eco Bride Project

Eco-Friendly Bridesmaid Gifts

  Having your friends stand beside you on your wedding day is truly an honour. These people have been a part of your life (maybe for a lifetime or a short time… doesn’t matter) but these are the people (or person) that you’ve asked to stand with you—so how do you say thank you? The “thank you” aspect of the wedding process is crucial. The “thank you” etiquette as stated by Emily Post’s 18th edition (highly recommend this book for anyone interested in etiquette) the “thank you” should be done in writing and done quickly (Post 630). For the bridal party gift giving timeframe there are typically two times that are traditional to give the gift. The first is on the morning of the wedding while you’re all getting ready together and the second is at the rehearsal dinner where you would give the gift after you toast each of your attendants. Now that you know the importance and the traditional etiquette of the “thank you” you might still be at a loss as to what to …

BIGGEST Wedding Etiquette Pet Peeve?

Recently, I had an online discussion with a great group of people regarding Wedding Etiquette Pet Peeves. While the discussion was a little heated here and there, overall, it was a great opportunity to air out some frustrations, recount personal experiences, and consider cultural differences around etiquette (some of these faux pas are completely unacceptable in certain areas, while other areas would never consider them to be an issue). Why do we care about etiquette? There are many expectations that arise when one is planning a wedding and while there are certain traditions that people may choose to change or forgo altogether, the discussion of being a good host, and being a good guest, is always a worthwhile conversation. I’ve heard many people say that etiquette just isn’t important anymore because it’s outdated, but etiquette is constantly changing to keep up with the times. Etiquette is a guide to teach us how to be polite and I think this is certainly something worth considering (and practicing)! Being polite is never old fashioned. Etiquette can feel …

What to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Things to consider before planning your outdoor Wedding. I can’t count the amount of time I’ve heard a couple say “we can’t afford much so we’re going to have an outdoor wedding.” While having a small BBQ in your backyard with a handful of friends and family will certainly save you money, if you’re still planning on a large guest count in a local park or on a farm, the task gets significantly more costly—potentially more so than renting an indoor venue! Consider the Basics Ceremony If it’s hot make sure there is some shade for your guests! Don’t line the lawn with cute hay bails and then watch poor Grandma and Uncle Joe pass out from heatstroke during your vows! If it’s hot provide fans (you can make your programs work double time as a fan too) Provide cool drinks if it’s hot and warm drinks if it’s cold. Cosnider encouraging guests to wear stylish hats Provide shawls if it could be cold HAVE A BACKUP. If it’s pouring rain, even if you’re ready …

Terrified of that Maid of Honour Speech?

Hi everyone! These past few months have been busy. I’ve been in the process of getting my business off the ground and we’re almost there! I’ve married (see what I did there?!) my two interests of writing and Weddings and started a little Etsy page with a couple of Made-To-Order Speeches to help you or anyone who may need a little assistance with any up-coming speeches! See the listing here and stay tuned for more from Time Honoured Weddings! Best, Britney